Hitman Entertainment Studios was established in 2011.

Hitman Entertainment Studios affiliations are Intense Entertainment Studios, Tension Entertainment Studios, Intense Motion Studios.

We love to bring in new talent to Hitman Entertainment Studios. Please contact us using our contact from, and submit your inquiry to us for interneship.

If you are looking to verify our studios please click on the word "Verification" below and look us at under 2014 Legend Of  A Hitman.


If you're looking to be in the next cast of our upcoming films, please fill out the form below.

If you have an IMDB account and think you will be in the next cast for our upcoming film because of it, you're sadly mistaken. Anyone now-a-days can make up an IMDB page without any credibility.

Unfortunately acting coaches cannot make a better actor. The reason for this when you head down to a casting audition Director's and Casting Agents will base your performance by these acting abilities.

  • Tone
  • Face Expression
  • Gestures
  • Script Memorization
  • Natural Acting Ability
  • Character Mannerism
  • Get Into Character Quickly

Hitman Entertainment Studios is looking for Natural Talent!

Hitman Entertainment Studios does not go by these affiliations. Anyone now these days can get those by paying a fee which in a long run the Actor may not even have any talent what so ever. We do not associate with Hollywood at all, for the fact that fame is not our ultimate goal.

Hitman Entertainment Studios talent in simple terms to us is natural ability. You cannot make untalented person to be talented it is something you are born with.


Hitman Entertainment Studios Pre Production methodology.

  1. Finalize a Shooting Script
  2. Storyboards & Shot Lists
  3. Find the Right Crew
  4. Location Scouting
  5. Create a Proper Budget
  6. Choose Your Gear
  7. Clear That Red Tape
  8. Find the Right Cast
  9. Rehearsals

Hitman Entertainment Studios Production process methodology.

  1. Development
  2. Financing
  3. Pre-Production
  4. Production
  5. Post-Production
  6. Marketing
  7. Distribution
  8. Pre-Production Equipment

Hitman Entertainment Studios Post Production methodology.

  1. Picture editing
  2. Sound editing
  3. Scoring music
  4. Adding VFX
  5. Sound mixing
  6. Color correction & grading
  7. Graphics
  8. Prepping for distribution
  9. Advertising the film
    Create and distribute
  10. movie trailer


Are you interested being a part of Hitman Entertainment Studios team? If so please fill out the form, and tell us why you would like to work with us!

In order for us to consider to become a part of Hitman Entertainment Studios, please make sure you have some experience in the film industry.

We require verification that you are a film maker such as, show reels, links, awards, and any projects you worked on that can show your credibility as cinematographer, composer, stunt man, vfx artist, etc...

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